Learn about local life
through the built environment!

Favela Architectour offers a tour off the beaten track, up winding stairs and through small alleys, all in the support of the local community. We welcome curious guests to our neighbourhood for an eye-opening glimpse into everyday life, and help you to understand the favela's pulse by visiting its architectural sights.

Our tours are offered by locals who call Rocinha home and, through Favela Architectour, have an avenue to give back to their community.

We are committed to community empowerment, both within the favelas and regarding our own partnerships, encouraging volunteers, our support network and sponsors to come together for a greater good.

How do we do so? Through the reuse of materials in works and reforms, the reduction of waste for public landfills, the use of solar panels that will give support to public lands and of course by supporting local NGOs.
To this commitment, we invite everyone to reflect on the future that we will build for next generations. We invite artists to intervene, inspire and provoke more people to become involved with social, environmental, and cultural causes. Together, we can all develop potential alongside sustainability.

Reach out to us at any time: hello@favelaarchitectours.com
OUR Tours
Three Options. Endless Opportunities.
Choose from one of our three tours depending on your abilities and time.
One: The Architectour
For those looking for an easy-going, downhill stroll through the favela, this option is for you. The day begins when you meet your tour guide at your hotel and take a "kombi", or van, to Rocinha just like the locals do. Catch another ride on a motorcycle taxi to the very top of Rocinha with views over XYZ, then meander back down on foot.

On the way, you'll stop by a non-profit language school for children and visit the art studio of a local artisan who is creating, and recycling, at the same time. Light snacks and beverages are included.

Tour time: approximately 3 hours
Two: The Adventurer
This trek is only for those ready to dive headfirst into understanding favela life and its ups, its downs, and all around. Catch the "kombi", or van, to Rocinha like the locals then spend the next few hours winding through the maze of alleys, ascending flights of uneven steps and criss crossing piles of rubbish.

Meet locals, join conversations, and be part of the buzz. You'll be encountering some of the poorest areas in the favela on this impactful tour so expect to leave with a new understanding of life in the community. Light snacks and beverages are provided.

Tour time: approximately 3 hours
Three: Rocinha Weekend Package
Perhaps a few hours' glimpse into life in Rocinha isn't enough. If you're ready to be fully immersed in favela-living, our local guides welcome you to spend a weekend sleeping, eating, and exploring from inside the community. This offer is by interview-only, so for more details please contact us via the form below.
Winding through Rocinha's alleys...guides use architecture as a way to understand history and daily life in the community...
Favela Architectour was founded in 2008 by two lifetime Rocinha residents, Daniel de Oliveira and Rogério Rodrigues. The two friends first met over ten years ago while attending English classes at a local NGO that offered free courses to favela residents, and eventually created the organization, today overseeing the many language and cultural programs it offers.

Daniel and Rogerio also host an ever-growing network of international volunteers. Combined, they speak English, French, Spanish and Italian, in addition to Portuguese. Rogerio is currently working on learning Japanese!

As locals, they have seen a great rise in "favela tourism" in their community over the past decade, and like many other residents, they have had reservations about the type of tourism that is going on in the community-most of which is run by non-residents and often sensationalizes violence and narco-trafficking. This type of tourism does very little to benefit the actual community of Rocinha, bringing profits to outsiders and encouraging voyeurism and the exploitation of the urban poor.

Collaborating with an architect, they designed walking tours intended to show off-the-beaten-track areas that demonstrate the ongoing creativity of Rocinha residents. Winding through Rocinha's alleys, far beyond the reach of the typical van or jeep tour, guides use architecture as a way to understand history and daily life in the community. Committed to working towards the improvement of children's education in Rocinha, revenue from the tour benefits several non-profit organizations.

Favela Architectour's Mission
To undertake sustainable tourism in the community of Rocinha by demonstrating how the built environment reflects history, local life, challenges, and creativity.

We envision tourism as enabling cross-cultural sharing and understanding. We all smile in the same language!
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Tours are available:
Monday through Saturday at 9am and 3pm
Sundays at 11am

The duration is about 3 hours depending on how many questions you ask and how fast you walk!

Use the form below or reach out directly:
[email] hello@favelaarchitectour.com
[whatsapp] +55 21 98167-3785
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